A Writer’s Guide to Dealing With Stiff Muscles and Joints

There area unit several causes of stiff muscles and joints betting on your overall health. In some cases, it is often the basis of AN underlying issue whereas different times it’s a straightforward diagnosing. Many folks can recover in an exceedingly short amount of your time. However, some folks area unit stuck stricken by stiffness throughout their way of life.

Symptoms will vary from stiff knee pain to stiffness when sitting or worse; having a tough time obtaining out of bed within the morning as a result of the stiffness is thus intense. Notwithstanding your vary of motion, these symptoms are often draining in such a lot that they additionally cause psychological problems like stress and anxiety.

Whether you touch upon stiff knee pain or stiff muscles and joints overall, their area unit ways that to scale back the pain and suffering. Here area unit some tips about the way to touch upon stiff muscles and joints if you’re an author that sits all day.

9 Tips for the Way to Touch Upon Stiff Muscles and Joints

The first issue you ought to do after you notice stiff muscles or joints is to see the cause. It might be one thing as straightforward as AN trauma, or one situation as severe because of the onset of arthritis. If you think that it’s merely a strain that may depart on its own, their area unit still some stuff you will do to stop inflammation from obtaining worse.

Get Lots of Rest

Even whereas an excessive amount of rest is often AN underlying reason behind stiffness, it’s additionally necessary to create sure that you’re obtaining the right quantity of sleep. Sleep restores the body when every day and permits your cells, joints, and muscles to rejuvenate. while not enough rest, your body is going to be overworked and stressed that might be a cocktail for disaster. Even obtaining up from your pc and resting for a couple of minutes at a time throughout the day is often enough to assist relieve pain related to stiffness in your muscles and joints.

Ease Into Activity

Stiffness when sitting is one in all the first common complaints of writers. It’s necessary to ease into your activities every day, whether or not that be playacting exercises and stretches, having your morning low, or sitting down at your table to start writing. Don’t push yourself too tricky once you’re experiencing stiffness or it may decline.

Hot or Cold Compress

Both hot and cold compresses work well for joint and muscle stiffness. You’ll use a cold compress to assist numb the pain and cut back inflammation. Do this for 15-20 minutes at a time a couple of times per day. A hot or heat compressor maybe a heat shower or tub can facilitate relax muscles and increase circulation.


Exercising and stretching area unit key elements to assist cut back swelling and inflammation in your joints and muscles. Since a program that you will perform very first thing within the morning to urge your day started right. Decide another set of stretches for your mid-morning and afternoon breaks to interrupt up the monotony of sitting all day.


You can provide yourself a message if you’ll reach the area units that are bothering you. If not, investment in an exceedingly skilled massage a minimum of once per month will facilitate alleviate symptoms of stiffness and assist you to relax. You’ll additionally discuss with your doctor regarding prescribing therapy which might not solely ease your pain however furthermore teach you the way to manage it rigorously.

OTC Medications

There area unit many over the counter, or over-the-counter medications directed toward muscle and joint pain or stiffness. Explore for NSAIDS that stands for Non-Steroidal anti-inflammatory drug medicine. Common NSAIDS embody analgesic, Ibuprofen, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug.

It’s forever a decent plan to debate medications that you arrange to take together with your doctor, mainly if you’re already taking different prescription medications (whether they’re for inflammation or not).


Corticosteroids will facilitate cut back inflammation from stiff muscles and joints. Whereas this treatment possibility might not be advantageous to those stricken by inflammatory disease, it will typically add delicate cases. Discuss with your doctor regarding your choices.

Supplements for Stiff Joints

Many supplements function superb body stiffness remedies. You’ll additionally attempt essential oils and even CBD creams and oils like those found at Floyds of Leadville. These area unit natural remedies that may assist you avoid victimization medications.

You may additionally attempt taking animal oil supplements or overwhelming linseed. The animal oil contains unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acid fatty acids that lubricate your joints. The counseled dose is three hundred milligrams (mg) per day.

Flaxseed additionally contains omega-3 fatty acid fatty acids additionally as omega-3, additionally referred to as ALA, which might facilitate cut back inflammation and ease symptoms of joint stiffness.

When to Visualize Your Doctor

If your stiffness comes on suddenly or doesn’t resolve when a few weeks, it’s time to contact your doctor. You ought to take care to allow them to comprehend symptoms that you’re experiencing like severe pain, swelling, inability to maneuver, or intense redness and warmth to the bit. Even if joint stiffness isn’t that uncommon, it might be an indication of one thing additional dangerous thus don’t attempt toughing it out on your own while not accomplishing the assistance of knowledgeable.

Final Thoughts

Writers are often susceptible to stiff muscles and joints when hours of sitting. It’s necessary to keep up sensible and correct posture whereas you’re operating to avoid inflammation. And confirm to drink lots of fluids, ideally water to assist your body keep hydrous.

If you’re susceptible to stiff joints within the morning, you’ll get pleasure from incorporating a night routine to arrange for the subsequent day. Discovered a carpool for taking the youngsters to high school or create lunch and lay out all of your necessities so that you don’t have to be compelled to pay time within the morning worrying regarding it. It’s additionally a decent plan to take a position to ensure the central office wants like back support for your chair or twin monitors to scale back strain.

Whatever you are doing to ease the pain of stiff muscles and joints, confirm to require your time. Stress will have a significant impact on however you’re feeling thus try and bear in mind of your pain however not targeted on that.