Co2 Jet Hire Stage Lighting And Effects Machine 2019

Chose one of our standard 2 or 4 head Co2 Jet Hire Kits, or we can tailor your Co2 Jet contract to your correct prerequisites, we’ll additionally convey it to you the following day with a.m. carriage alternatives for time primary conveyances for those very late customer demands.

Co2 Jet Hire Stage Lighting And Effects Machine 2019
Co2 Jet Hire Stage Lighting And Effects Machine 2019

The chance that you require us to introduce or work Co2 Jets for you at your occasion we can supply experienced pyrotechnicians at focused day rates, we likewise provide multi-talented qualified experts for events, visits, and celebrations.

We can likewise give Co2 Jets hire and contract gear hardware for visiting groups and shows as help for your current Co2 gear. We can supply chamber connectors and hoses/converters to suit most sorts of US and European Co2 Jets or tubes and can likewise fix or supplant most makes of Co2 Jets or supply substitution or augmentation hoses and couplers at short notice.

We even have CO2 Cylinder connectors to take your EU pack crosswise over to the US without any issues attaching to their CO2 Cylinders. Shoot your occasion into another time of embellishments with the CO2 Jet! With its adrenaline siphoning commotion and sensational enhanced visualizations, it’s obvious to perceive any reason why this is a standout amongst our most well-known embellishments.

From dance club and TV studios to various impacts everywhere celebration occasions, CO2 Jets are adaptable and can be effectively joined to any stage or gear. Securely anchored at any point, they can be utilized to make a various visual effect on any occasion. Or on the other hand, when the warmth is rising, creating a cooling impact with blasts into the group to rejuvenate your crowd in emotional style.

Co2 Jet Hire Stage Lighting And Effects Machine 2019
Co2 Jet Hire Stage Lighting And Effects Machine 2019

With CO2 Jet contract we can give you qualified experts whenever required to guarantee that your occasion runs securely and on a sign. While we’re glad to contract anything from a barrel connector to a full stage fix, Co2 Jet units are our most well known dry contract.

Provided in a pile case for secure transport our Co2 Jet contract packs include:

  • From 2 – 20 ForceFX Cryo Jets
  • Thermoplastic Hoses with CO2 Cylinder Connectors
  • ForceFX Effect Controller with Safety Key and Fire catch
  • Powercon or right one Control links
  • Base plates or support cinches

We can include wellbeing chains, CO2 Cylinder Doublers or Splitters, expansion hoses, and additional long control links to suit your occasion.

Our Co2 Gun contract unit, which comprises of:

  • From 1-10 ForceFX Co2 Guns
  • x 5m Hose with Cylinder Connector per Gun

You can have a shorter hose as a no-cost alternative, or determine extra length hoses whenever required. We additionally have CO2 Backpacks to take your CO2 gun portable around your occasion conveying your CO2 Cylinder with you.