HardWired GPS Tracking Devices of 2019 [UPDATED]

There’s been a great deal in the news recently about GPS beacons, and it’s been essentially all terrible. They can be valuable if your vehicle gets stolen, however, on the off chance that you weren’t the individual who introduced it, odds are you don’t need it there. Simply type “GPS beacon” into Google and on some random day, you’ll discover an article about somebody who got busted by one of these things.

HardWired GPS Tracking Devices
HardWired GPS Tracking Devices

Regardless of whether you don’t need to stress over getting into inconvenience, despite everything you don’t need individuals tailing you. Here’s the manner by which to ensure your vehicle is following gadget free.

What to Look For

Most gadgets won’t be named like the one above, however, there are a couple of evident signs. You’re essentially searching for any little boxes or free wires that don’t appear to have a place there. There will be a ton of boxes and wires, however, particularly in the event that you have a more current vehicle, so be cautious and ensure you’re totally positive so you don’t tear out something that has a place there. Here’s a case of an FBI GPS beacon that a California understudy found on his vehicle.

Vyncs Car GPS Tracker

Try not to need to stress overcharging this gadget. The HardWired GPS Tracking Devices is controlled by your vehicle’s battery. Simply plug it into your vehicles OBD II port under the dash and you are a great idea to go. By a long shot, this little unit has the most highlights on any GPS beacon that we have inspected.


  • Has vehicle diagnostics
  • Roadside help is accessible
  • Worldwide inclusion
  • Geo tracking and cautions


  • It s not waterproof
  • No outer reception apparatus

Trackmate Dash GPS Tracker

The DASH is a designed GPS tracker. Which means it’s straightforwardly associated with your vehicles battery and start. So it’s best introduced by a master or convenient sorts. It accompanies’ an outside receiving wire that can be set anyplace to get the best sign. With that, this is an exceptionally exact GPS tracker. Extraordinary for a solitary family vehicle or an armada of vehicles.


  • Hardwired
  • WCDMA gsm 3 g 2 g
  • Has an outer reception apparatus
  • Fleet administration is accessible


  • Needs to be introduced by a specialist
  • Not simple to migrate to another vehicle

The Trak-4 vehicle GPS beacon is waterproof, settling on it an incredible decision for a vehicle, including pontoons. The high limit battery-powered battery can last as long as 1 year on a solitary charge. This gadget does not have the same number of highlights as the Vyncs but rather it’s certainly a strong tracker in its own right.