Find the Right Employee with The Skills Management Software

AG5 skills management software enables you to rapidly and advantageously record, question, approve and assess worker abilities. Supplement abilities Characterize and sort out all the pertinent abilities of your workers in your organization aptitude tree. Each aptitude can be enhanced with the reciprocal properties, e.g., capability level, timeframe, examination date or expiry date. AG5 Skills Management additionally bolsters a few capability aptitudes in the meantime – as indicated by necessities.

skills management software
skills management software


Get an outline of the qualities and shortcomings of your representatives with AG5 Skills Diagrams, incorporating an examination with the aptitudes profile required for their position or a group’s abilities as a gathering chart. Ach aptitude can be considered from all sides: How do representatives rate themselves? How do representatives wish to create explicit talents? How do their bosses evaluate these abilities, and how do the bosses want to build up their workers’ aptitudes? This can likewise be joined with the AG5 360° Feedback programming.

Application Models

View our expertise the executives programming.

AG5 Skill Detect enables you to effortlessly distinguish worker aptitudes using an online study – including self-appraisal, approval by bosses or 360° criticism. Make any number of polls rapidly and effectively from your ability tree utilizing simplified. This furnishes you with persistently refreshed data with no manual information passage or information upkeep.

Profile of Prerequisites

Characterize the ideal occupation profile as an aptitudes diagram to see which representatives best match the perfect pattern. Locate the best contender to fill a vacant position, recognize intriguing data for faculty improvement and perform productive undertaking staffing errands with one mouse click. The ground-breaking AG5 look and rundown motor offer you a scope of alternatives to complete effective determination and adaptable revealing through an exceedingly intuitive interface.

Aptitude Management can be worked as an individual module, or joined with other AG5 Talent modules, for example, AG5 Seminar Management, AG5 Diagnostics, AG5 Position Chart, AG5 Portal, and so on.

  • A Skills Tracker will push your association to:
  • Execute your business procedure by building up the aptitudes and capabilities that help business goals
  • Remain focused by creating and holding a properly gifted workforce
  • Diminish your expenses by distinguishing ‘genuine’ preparing needs, decreasing temporary worker spend and enrollment costs.
skills management software
skills management software
  • Augment workforce ROI by creating and using worker skills successfully
  • Create scholarly capital by building up the capacity of the association
  • Hold representatives by recognizing and encouraging worker improvement and improving the use