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With more than 30 years of video service in Italy experience catching more than 1,000 total plays, all amid the live gathering of people planned exhibitions the nation over; we have built up an abundance of tried and true, yet financially savvy recording strategies.

Video Service in italy
Video Service in Italy

Furthermore, it is a direct result of this equivalent dimension of involvement, that we have turned out to be sincerely headed to catch the same number of these creations as we can for individual provincial venue documents before they end their runs, gone forever.

Our second objective has been to record these exhibitions in the most high quality conceivable, catching each moment detail in the ensembles, set structure, lighting, and sound plan, just as each inconspicuous subtlety in the articulations and development of the performing artists. We get only a single shot at this, so it must be done well!

Consequently, over the most recent 13 years we have been catching a considerable lot of these exhibitions in the new High Definition, 1080p, 16X9 organization, copying them onto Blu Ray circles, and giving vast HD 1080p LED screens and playback frameworks for our customers’ documented use.

The reasonable, smooth zooming limit of our HD camera(s) enable us to delicately push in when the blocking permits it, and destroy out to pursue the activity. Not any more over uncovered out-of-center, VHS ‘quality’ from a small camera, bolted off on a wide shot from the back of the house, or dangling from the mezzanine!

Right off the bat in his 30+ year profession, Richard Stucker worked for four noteworthy Video Production houses the nation over, coordinating a broad scope of creations from Live Corporate Events and Corporate Videos to an assortment of Documentaries, and TV Commercials for important market promotion organizations. In the blink of an eye before framing his own autonomous business, in 1978 he included live account theater, move and musical show exhibitions to his claims to fame. With this broad measure of national generation work throughout the years, he has built up a tight system of very gifted specialists, and sound and video experts.

Video has a few unique preferences over neighborhood merchants:

  • Extensive national experience
  • Multiple video record formats
  • Staffing flexibility pay just for what you need
  • Competitive pricing in our seven districts
  • Availability on demand
Video Service in italy
Video Service in italy

We have some expertise in across the country meeting video recording administrations for occasions all things considered. Regardless of whether your association is holding a weeklong event with various tracks or a littler one-day chance, our occasion recording videography groups produce the most astounding quality gathering introduction recordings tweaked for your game.